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A reliable organophosphate insecticide with quick knockdown effect and long-lasting control

Active ingredient:


Pack Size:

Chlorpyrifos 40%EC is available in 1 L Pack

Mode of Action:

Contact & stomach action
Chlorpyrifos disrupts nervous system function by inhibiting the cholinesterase enzyme.
Inhibition of cholinesterase results in acetylcholine accumulation. Small excess acetylcholine results in over stimulation of the nervous system, and further excess may have the opposite effect.

Key Properties / USPs:

Broad spectrum activities and can be used on various crops
Immediately dissolve able in plant roots & leaves
Provide immediate & durable control against Chewing pests (like Termites, borers etc.)
Good for termite control management

Target Crops:

Sugarcane, Maize, Orchards, Cotton, Vegetables etc.

Target Pests:

Termites, Borers, Bugs, Armyworm, American Bollworm, Codling moth, vegetable beetles, maize borers etc.



Crop Pests Dose
Cotton American Bollworm & Army worm 1 L / Acre
Sugarcane Termites, Borers, Bugs 1 L / Acre
Maize Borers 1 L / Acre
Orchards Codling moths 250 ml / 100 LOW
Vegetables Beetles 500-750 ml / A

Method of Application:

Apply product as foliar spray when insect population reaches ETL. For sugarcane crop flooding with irrigation water is recommended
Use good quality sprayer & hollow cone nozzles and ensure thorough coverage of the crop

Registration Details:

Product is registered in Pakistan under form-16


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