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500 g/L Diafentiuron

Pack size:

400 ml


SC (Suspension Concentrate)

Mode of action:

Translaminar & Contact & stomach action



DIAFENTHRUN 50% SC provides powerful control against aphids and whiteflies. It delivers immediate crop protection through permanent through permanent feeding inhibition. Formulated with the active ingredient DIAFENTHIURON and suspension concentrate provides consistent biological efficacy. It penetrates easily into the plant and acts by contact and ingestion and controls all stages of aphids and the mobile stages of the whiteflies. Restriction which should be taken into account while using the product is that it effects could be diminished if rain falls within six hours of its application.

Crops Pests Dose rate ml/gm/acre
Cotton Jassid & Aphids 200 ml/acre
Cotton Mites 200 ml/acre
Cotton Thrips 200 ml/acre
Cotton Whitfly 200 ml/acre
Cabbage Aphids 100 ml/hlw
Cauliflower Aphids 100 ml/hlw
Potato Jassid & WF 100 ml/hlw
Okra Jassid 100 ml/hlw
Brinjal Whitfly,Jassids & Mites 100 ml/hlw
Chilies Budmites 100 ml/hlw


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