Lufenuron 5% EC

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Broad spectrum novel IGR, highly effective for the control of army worm

Active ingredient:


Pack Size:

Lufenuron 5%EC is available in 200 ml & 1 L Pack

Mode of Action:

Contact & stomach action
Lufenuron, inhibits the production of chitin in insects. Without chitin, Lepidopterans larvae will never develop a hard-outer shell (exoskeleton). With its inner organs exposed to air, the insect dies from dehydration soon after hatching or molting (shedding its old, smaller shell).

Key Properties / USPs:

Broad-spectrum activities and can be used on various crops, vegetables etc.
An economic solution, used at very low rates for the control of Lepidoptera.
Its mode of action, spectrum of control and selectivity profile make it suitable for use in IPM (integrated pest management).
Lufenuron controls insects that are resistant to frequently used insecticides like organophosphates, carbamates and synthetic pyrethroids and so is useful in IRM (integrated resistance management).
Environment friendly technology

Target Crops:

Sugarcane, Maize, Orchards, Cotton, Vegetables etc.

Target Pests:

Termites, Borers, Bugs, Armyworm, American Bollworm, Codling moth, vegetable beetles, maize borers etc.






Crop Pests Dose
Cotton Army worm 200 ml / Acre
Cauliflower Army worm, Diamond back Moth, Cabbage Butterfly 200 ml / Acre
Tomato, Potato, Onion Heliothis 200 ml / Acre
Citrus Leaf miner 60-80 ml / 100 Lit of water
Apple Codling Moth, Heliothis 60-80 ml / 100 Lit of water

Method of Application:

Apply product as foliar spray when insect population reaches ETL.
Use good quality sprayer & hollow cone nozzles and ensure thorough coverage of the crop.

Registration Details:

Product is registered in Pakistan under form-16.


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