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Unique IGR exhibiting spectacular control of immature whitefly

Active ingredient:


Pack Size:

Buprofezin 25%WP is available in 1 Kg pack

Mode of Action:

Contact & stomach action
It acts as chitin synthesis inhibitor, and prevents formation of exoskeleton after moulting.

Key Properties / USPs:

Broad-spectrum activities and can be used on various crops, vegetables etc.
Different mode of action, useful as insect resistance management tool, especially very effective in the management of whitefly on cotton crop.
Suitable for IPM / IRM programs
It can be used as a tank mix partner with other insecticides & Fungicides

Target Crops:

Cotton, Rice

Target Pests:

Whitefly (nymphs), Aphids, Rice plant hoppers etc




Crop Pests Dose
Cotton Whitefly (Nymph) 500 gm / Acre
Rice Plant Hoppers 500 gm / Acre

Method of Application:

Apply product as foliar spray when insect population reaches ETL.
Use good quality sprayer & hollow cone nozzles and ensure thorough coverage of the crop
Take a small quantity of water in a container and dissolve required quantity of Buprofezin 25%WP in it. Stir this solution properly and mix it with the remaining quantity of water. The volume of total water required will depend on crop stage, crop cover, the total area to be treated and the type of sprayer used

Registration Details:

Product is registered in Pakistan under form-16


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