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PERA ZEGO Promotes:

• Better root development
• More vigorous shoot growth
• Better flower formation and fruit set
• Improved disease and stress tolerance
• More uniform maturity
• More efficient utilization of soil and fertilizer nutrients

Pack Size:

10Ltr, 20Ltr, 200Ltr



PERA ZEGO 10% is a liquid formulation of both
primary (N) and micro (Zn) plant elements. Zinc is
an essential element in plant nutrition and protein
metabolism. PERA ZEGO 10% stimulates cell
growth above and below the ground, promoting
better utilization of other soil and fertilizer nutrients,
thus increasing yields and improving quality. It is
formulated for use in pre-plant or at planting liquid
fertilizers, including polyphosphates and nitrogen
solutions. PERA ZEGO 10% is recommended for
crops that require high zinc usage, such as but not
limited to corn, edible beans, onions, and potatoes.


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